What Parents are Saying:


“I have three special needs children, all very individual with different needs and challenges, Tasha always manages to get the best out of them and hold their interest – they love her sessions.  Tasha has helped give us hope, her encouragement and emotional support is very inspiring and helps us reach the potential in our children.”


“You can really notice an improvement even after the first session.  It is wonderful that you can feel that you are able to make a difference all the time rather than from one hour in the clinic…”

“Tasha came into our lives when our son needed help making himself understood. He’d suffered for years and was missing many important words and was struggling with reading. Tasha became a regular visitor that our son looked forward to, and got great enjoyment from her sessions. He is now 18, with a list of healthy achievements to his name. Tasha helped him develop his potential.” (Mother of client).

“Throughout the last 9 years my son and I have encountered many different therapists, most of which detail his weaknesses and inadequacies with hope to help him “fit in”.  What’s remarkable about Tasha is that she is helping me to see how valuable his differences are.  Most people don’t understand my special needs son and by extension, me.  Tasha is different than the others.  She gets us.  She has learned to understand his world before she can help him become more interested in my world.  Tasha has helped my son through speech and language therapy feel safe and learn how to connect with others.  And through coaching she has taught me to see the beauty throughout this process.  I am so grateful to her for her wisdom and insight and strongly recommend her to those ready to move in a positive direction.”  (Mother of Child with ASD diagnosis.)

“From a child that could only say hello, to a sentence 4-5 words long – it works, try it, you have nothing to lose!” 

“The amount of progress my child has made in such a short while, can only be down to the techniques I have learned….  I only wish we had started earlier.  I realise now that it was impossible for her to learn at the pace at which I was talking to her – I never gave her a chance….”

“We would like to say a big thank you to you for all of the effort and energy that you have dedicated to our son, who has a severe speech and language delay. We cannot thank you enough for all the lessons and insights learned along the way and the compassion and sincerity you have shown whilst working with us to help our son learn to communicate effectively.”  (Mother of 4 year old with social communication disorder)

“I have lots of past experience of taking him to various therapies.  It was always very difficult for me to get him along to the sessions, and the sessions themselves ultimately did not work out and we’ve ultimately had to stop the sessions.  However, you are very skilled at winning him over, and we think that..he gets a lot of valuable learning out of the sessions.”  (Mother of child with Aspergers Syndrome)

“The ideas are practical….it helps you identify the level your child is at and how to progress in the future as they progress.  Speech development is then everyday and not just when you have an appointment.”

“Since starting this, my child has gained so much more confidence and no longer gets frustrated….Remembering to come down to my child’s level of communication…..has been very important and enabled him to build up a word bank”