Specialist Speech Therapy

What do we offer?

✔ Over 19 years experience in the field

✔ A practical, positive, solution-focused approach

✔ Tailor made, fully individualised programmes

✔ We inspire and motivate your child to communicate

✔ Functional and easy-to-use strategies

✔ We identify and build on your child’s unique skills, strengths, qualities and interests

✔ We capitalise on your child’s differences to optimise their learning

✔ Integrated liaison with all other professionals

✔ Home, nursery and school visits


We help you make sense of all the different information available. By calling on a broad range of techniques and strategies we specifically address your situation and your unique child, so you can immediately start to easily implement it all into everyday life.


Solution-Focused and Positive

This approach cuts straight to the core of the issues that cause most stress and frustration for you and your child. It is designed to develop a positive practical way forward, starting right from the first consultation. The approach is solution-focused and forward looking.

Fun and Playful

Motivation is everything! Children have to be inspired to want to communicate, connect and engage! In getting to know your child, the aim is to design therapy that will be the most highly motivating, rewarding, fun and engaging for your child as well as you! We find out what their existing strengths and interests are and capitalise on these to optimise learning and motivation. We start with the things they are already keen on and build upwards from there.

Eclectic and Cutting Edge

A range of specialised Speech and Language Therapy and communication techniques are used. All are designed for working with children on the Autistic Spectrum and related issues. This allows input to be tailored to suit every individual child.

Functional and Practical

Our approach is fully ‘functional’. This means that it is all about communicating, talking and understanding in natural daily situations. Looking at each child’s specific situation at home or nursery/school allows us to implement, adapt and fine tune communication strategies and techniques so they work for each individual.

Empowering You and Making life easier!

We offer both individual speech and language therapy for your child as well as working with you. We work with parents, teachers, NNEBs,Teaching Assistants and other professionals. The aim of working with you is to empower you and make things easier for your child and you in every day life. Working this way means that everyone who spends time with a child is constantly contributing to and facilitating their communication and language development in daily life.

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